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Thirty for Three
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This is a 30 themes comm specifically for threesomes.

As with many other theme'd communities, this is a low-pressured comm for people to write/draw their favorite threesomes. Simply request a threesome and jump in. It doesn't matter what order you do them in. We do ask that you try to post something every few months. If nothing has been posted by you for three months, you threesome goes up for grabs. If you have a threesome you want to do, but it has already been taken, you may either choose another one, or way until the current person is done with them. After that person is done with the themes, the threesome is up for grabs.

This comm is friendly to slash of all types and het. I will not tolerate flaming of any type. M/M/M, M/F/M, F/M/F, F/F/F are all welcomed. Please, though, no RealPerson stuff. *sorry all you RPficcers out there* All ratings are welcomed as well, just make sure you mark them.

There is a cycle for claims. Every three months, I do a sweep. I'll try to remember to poke, as I realized that activity was down. Here is the cycle.
January 1st-March 31st: Sweep out day: April 1st
April 1st-June 30th: Sweep out day: July 1st
July 1st-September 30th: Sweep out day: October 1st
October 1-December 31st: Sweep out day: January 1st

If you don't post once during that three month cycle, your claim is removed during that sweep out day unless you respond to my post over that effect. You are automatically okayed for the set you apply in, and are good to the set after that. If you apply January 3rd, your first sweep out date is July 1st, not April 1st.

I hope that everyone who joins, or even just watches, enjoys this comm.


Set One
1: Bloodlines
2: Kisses
3: Giving Up
4: Surprise
5: Love bites
6: If only
7: Hugs
8: Babies
9: Talking over Distance
10: Rent
11: Snowfall
12: Alone
13: Irritating people
14: Forbidden
15: Stop that
16: Pillows
17: Fever
18: Clouds
19: Time
20: Far away
21: Naptime
22: Remembering
23: If it wasn't you...
24: Dreaming
25: Looking
26: Hidden
27: Fluffy things
28: Get out
29: Tattoo
30: Touch

Set Two
01: Tell me
02: Lost
03: Package
04: Serpent
05: Claim
06: Domestic
07: Hair
08: Groom
09: Snow
10: Whisper
11: Emotion
12: Why
13: Reading
14: Taste
15: Thumb
16: Sedation
17: Riding
18: In other eyes
19: Options
20: Comfort
21: Move
22: Blood
23: Alternative
24: Song
25: Pets
26: Room
27: Choice
28: You belong to me
29: Water
30: Date

Go here to request a threesome and to see who is already claimed. When you finish the themes with your threesome, go to the same place and let me know. That way someone new can write them.

Posting format for fanfic/fanart:

Subject Line: Fandom w/threesome. Full names, please. It helps the people who aren't as familiar with the fandom. Title

In the post itself

After that, lj-cut or give a link.

Everyone, have fun.



This community is no longer accepting claims. Please go here to see why. Sorry. We do have an Insanejournal community, though, which you can find here. Please, feel free to join us there.