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Wed, Jun. 2nd, 2010, 11:34 pm
edenfalling: [Fic] "Snowfall" -- Angel Sanctuary, Kira/Setsuna/Sara, Theme 11

Theme: #11 - Snowfall
Warnings: spoilers!
Notes: The main plot of this ficlet is set post-manga, in very late 2007. The flashbacks run from shortly after the First Holy War to shortly before Setsuna's birth, and are not all in chronological order. Setsuna is 24; Sara is 23. This falls between Talking Over Distance and "Looking" (which I have not yet finished).

It took me about three years to write this, mostly because I was never quite sure where it was going. I am still not quite sure it all hangs together logically, but whatever.

Link to fic: The Transient and the Eternal: Snowfall (6,900 words)